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May 2, 2011 / 74

So Now I Guess Now I’m Officially A Photographer Too?

I was out on the internet avoiding work by doing an ego search today – checking up on the status of me – and I found something pretty cool… for me anyway.

Someone had “borrowed” (WITH attribution, BTW) a picture of mine from my main author website.

The picture was taken in the Atchafalaya Swamp in Louisiana where I went on a “swamp tour” with” Cajun Jack” and learned a lot about the people who live in the swamp and the bounty it provides for the nation.

On the same web page are pre-oil spill pictures of the grass marshes in the  Cameron Prairie Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. I spent a pleasant afternoon chatting with the folks of Holly Beach, LA about the efforts to dredge the sand back up from the Gulf to the beach, and the erosion problems and their causes.

I also learned a lot from the local folks in Cameron Parrish and about the history of the area and so knew how and why the oil spill did such damage to the marshes, and what REALLY needs to be done to fix it.

As to the book that the whole trip was about (backgrounding), I got to a bit over 100,000 words and figured out that it just wasn’t working – so set it aside. Sometimes you have to do that. If you force it – you end up wasting a lot of time on a book that STILL won’t work. Which doesn’t mean it will not ever be finished… but I have to figure out what is wrong with it before I can fix it and finish it. Meanwhile, I have other projects roasting over the fire…


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