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May 2, 2011 / 74

Ustabeen Grndexter

IT’s a NEWBY!!!

I ustabeen Grndexter over on Live Journal. Uh huh.

I moved.

I tend to write economics articles… or at least I used to. Given that the US Dollar is pretty much being bled to death, there won’t be much of an economy to write about for much longer.

I also write about gardening, and miscellaneous political things, and pretty much whatever I think needs a comment or two. Of course – with over 300 million Americans out there, it’s a pretty sure bet that whatever I say will have already been said… but then like so many I like to think I say things a bit differently than many.

So… now I’m going to see if I can import my stuff from LJ…wish me luck.

Does anyone know how to delete the “gravitar” crap? They didn’t SAY that once you load a pic you can’t unload it – so maybe there’s a way…

And is there a way to load pictures that are not a foot long and a half inch high in the header?


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