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May 4, 2011 / 74

The Question du Jour – what nearly everyone is asking me.

You ready? The question I get asked more often than any other is this – “So, what should I invest in?”

What they are really asking is “what should I  invest in to prepare for when times get really bad, ie when the dollar crashes.” (WHEN, not if.)

Many folks out there are advising that people buy gold, or silver.

Can you EAT gold? Sure… but it’ll probably hurt coming out.

Will gold keep you warm or safe? Nope.

In a world where food is scarce, and access to energy nearly non-existent. will gold help you?

If you want an investment pyramid that will yield you REAL value when the world’s economy goes to crap – take a look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Then, pre-crash, buy assets that will satisfy those human needs – starting at the top of the importance ranking of the needs. Then no matter what happens to gold or to paper currency or the “banking system” – YOU will survive as long as you can defend your investments.

That’s my advice.


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