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May 21, 2011 / 74

On China Being Chinese

The thing I love most about China is that they are so dependable. In a world that woggles and wavers, with nations and people changing their characters and stances with every new moon, we have the constancy of China.

The thing about China that makes them so constant is that they are CHINESE!!! and one of the few truths about the world we live in is that the Chinese will always BE Chinese – and they will always ACT Chinese. This is not a negative statement. Nor it is a racial comment. It’s like saying the moon will always be the mo0n. No bias there. No negative import – or positive either. It’s simply a statement of constant truth to say that the Chinese will always be and act CHINESE!

So… what fun thing are the Chinese doing now? They’re buying gold. According to the WSJ they are now the “top gold bug.” Why is this so Chinese? Because although such a move would make sense in a world of inflating currencies (especially theirs) and rotten economies, they decided to pay top dollar for a worthless commodity. Buying gold during inflationary times would have made sense 100 years ago – but with almost 7 billion people on the Earth now, things have changed.

In a world of increasing population and weather anomalies that are interfering with food production all over the world (and it’s NOT global warming – since that would make food production rise) they buy a metal that is for most intents and purposes worthless.

Look at the recent bout of hyperinflation in Russia. According to a Utoob video, during the hyper-inflation period there were two kinds of people – those who had food and those who didn’t. Nothing said about gold, or the value of gold. A Russian reporting on the situation said that those without food had to try to find something that someone with food would be willing to trade food for. He said nothing about gold.

So it would make sense to be buying stores of grain, increasing investments in agricultural equipment. Improving the soil so it would yield higher amounts of food, and such other things they could do to weather the food shortages that are growing increasingly large and dire.

But no. They are buying gold. That is SUCH a Chinese thing to do!


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