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June 1, 2011 / 74

TWIT – er

I just read a piece on “Twitter – the unofficial Twitter resource.” The writer, Shea Bennett, was attempting to apply Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s “Five Stages of Grief” to the people who just “don’t get” Twitter. But he got it backwards – Ross’s 5 stages was about what those still living were going through – not the dead.

After I read the piece, I sought to comment – and found out that apparently TWITs only accept certain venues for communication. For example – they didn’t seem to list a straight-up email address anywhere. And his position seems to be that those who aren’t TWIT-ters “just don’t get it”.

I think he has it backwards. And looking at the comments from his  fellow twits I can see that he’s attracting and associating, ONLY with other True Believers!!! Am I surprised? Nope.

Realistically, Twitter is like the first cell phones. Clunky and at first – status symbols. Then the unwashed masses piled on and it becomes a fad – that maybe hip-blocks other media and becomes “important” to a lot of people. My co-workers kept trying to get me to buy a cell phone. But I clearly saw that I had no NEED for a cell phone, and didn’t get one – until I got a job where it was important to be accessible all the time. THEN I got a cell phone.

As to the “social media”  (which is a misnomer – because it discourages social interaction, not encourages it) – first it was My Space. I actually had a My Space account – but the people who told me how wonnerful it was spent a huge portion of their lives programming their pages and making stupid inane comments… kinda like Farcebook did later. Yeah – I had a page – but never did anything with it. And then My Space became – obsolete – when farcebook came along.

On Farcebook, people collected “friends” – mostly people they didn’t know and would never meet. As one of the world’s largest relational databases, Farcebook has done well. I had a Farcebook account too – until they figured out that I didn’t use a real name – and was making “friends” with people I didn’t know in o9rder to screw up the relational part of their database  –  and had fudged a lot of the “data’ they demanded of me. Then even though I was in the top 100 in the Mouse Hunt game, they kicked me out. I haven’t missed them. Buh-BYE!  ;-D

Now it’s TWIT-er. But people are doing the exact same thing with TWIT-er that they did with Farcebook!!! They accumulate “friends” (nameless “followers”) and post the inane drivel of their lives. They do this because of two inaccurate assumptions. 1. that anyone cares and 2. that it’s somehow important. The people who care about what you’re doing with your life – you can tell what is going on over lunch or dinner. Outside of family and maybe a few real friends – no one else cares and you’ll bore them to tears trying to tell them.

Like the people who spend their lives making comments about news stories  on the internet, they think that anyone CARES what they think – that it’s somehow IMPORTANT!!! No one cares – and no – it’s NOT important. You all need to get over yourselves. And TWIT-er? It’s a waste of time. It’s just another fad. Why don’t you go and find something USEFUL to do?



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  1. Steve Picray / Jun 5 2011 13:31

    “Like the people who spend their lives making comments about news stories on the internet…”

    You mean like Newsvine? 😉

    “And TWIT-er? It’s a waste of time. It’s just another fad. Why don’t you go and find something USEFUL to do?”

    You forgot “Get off my lawn!”

    Seriously, I’m writing a post about Facebook/Twitter, but it’s not done yet, and I’m late for choir practice.

    • Michael E Picray / Jun 5 2011 22:18

      I don’t care if you walk on my lawn… but I’m thinking about charging for the wood ticks you take home with you…

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