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June 14, 2011 / 74

Garden Update

Now, some of you may be wondering why I’m not like Michelle Malkin who posts every day. Or indeed, like any of the other bloggers who do. They say if you want to make a success of a blog, you must stay on your chosen topic and blog every day.

But as it happens, I just don’t have the time. Neither the blog, nor any other electronic media is my life – I have too much to do in the real world. And besides – I have more topics than one…

Like this week, I haven’t been here dutifully blogging because I hand planted 300 row feet of peppers (7 kinds, sweet bell to jalapeno), 300 row feet of beets (different kinds), 400 feet of storage onions like the Yellow Utah Jumbo Yellow onions, 150 row feet of soy beans (edamame), some late season Swiss Chard, 500 feet of different kinds of green beans, and about 600 row feet of different kinds of sweet and dent corn and a bit of popcorn. And I weeded the corn already planted, and excavated the sweet potatoes from the weeds that got ahead of me, hoed the tomato patch, and tomorrow I have to attack the weeds in the potato patch, and plant the rest of the dent corn, the squash and pumpkins, and some pole beans in the corn that’s already up, and maybe finish excavating the sweet potato rows with the hoe, and weed the rest of the radishes (about 300 row feet of ’em).

Did I mention completing the pens for housing and taking delivery on 26 baby chickens (Indian White Brahmas), and 31 guinea chicks? The guinea chicks aren’t doing so  well. The hatchery (Cackle) seems to have shipped the birds late – because he chicks arrived with wing feathers already on – which means that they couldn’t live off their egg yoke sac during  shipment, which means they were already stressed when they arrived. The chicks dealt with it just fine (the Brahmas are a hearty and tough breed). But the guinea keets aren’t doing so well. there was one dead in the box when we got them, and 4 more died within 24 hours.  then we lost one a day for a couple of  days, then two a day for two days. Of the 31 shipped, we’re down to 22, and they may not be done dying yet! I’ve never… NEVER had a failure rate that bad!!! So won’t be buying from Cackle Hatchery again… EVER. I have them on a medicated feed, hoping that may catch whatever is doing them in.

The wheat is doing fine – winter and summer, and the rye is drooping and starting to dry down. The new peach trees I planted last week are just sitting there… I have hopes for them, the 2 persimmon trees seem to be in a trance, one of two of the hazelnut trees is leafing out, and the 2 sweet cherry trees I planted are all leafing out.

Here on The Imperial Hill we’re experiencing a drought of sorts… while the Missouri River Valley floods (THANK you Army Corps of Idiots who in the middle of a global grain and food shortage, mis- managed and screwed up hundreds of thousands of acres of grain producing land in the heart of the country – from the Missouri to the Mississippi!), we have only had 10″ of moisture since the first of the year. The folks all around us have received much more – but they don’t live up here. We have our very own micro-climate here, similar to the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains – so it can be kinda dry some years. In 1988 we sat on our porch and watched it rain alll around us, but didn’t get a drop on The Hill.

So… there are good things and not so good things happening on the old farm!

When Melodee came home late last night, she heard a strange coughing noise in the woods… and she listened… but when it probably became aware of her presence, it stopped making noise and she came inside. She has Therefore issued an Imperial decree that she has determined that it was a Sasquatch, and it is henceforth under the Imperial Crown’s protection! So you Sasquatch hunters can sleep in tonight – the Empress Melodee won’t let you hang around in our woods!  ;-D

Oh… the 400 row feet of dry beans are also doing well.

So… I guess that about covers it for now…

We now return you to your regular bloggers and twits.



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