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June 17, 2011 / 74

Greece – Time to Say “Goodnight Ethel”

Everywhere we look these days we see the hand wringing and the fear mongering about Greece. “We must SAVE their economy!!!” say the Shock Doctrine Crowd at the IMF and the World Bank. Uh huh. Sure – save it for plundering.

And the Euro-banks – who sank a lot of worthless paper (Euros) into “bailouts”? And consequently who want to save themselves from their own stupidity? Yep. The EU.

Any fool could have seen a long time ago that Greece, and Spain, and Ireland, and Iceland, and possibly the USA, and it’s beginning to appear China – ARE BROKE!!! They spent more than they had, and more than they could earn. These nations borrowed and borrowed – and now the fools in charge of the world’s “central banks” want to save themselves from their stupid endless lending to broke clients – and keep these broke nations on the hook – so they can milk more interest payments from them and suck them dry of assets like they have done to so many other countries.

I once knew a guy who had a fool for a banker. This guy owned a “business” and borrowed against the business assets, and borrowed against the business income, and borrowed against his promise to pay. The fool of a banker had to KNOW that the guy could never pay it back!!! Yet he kept lending and lending so that he didn’t have to say, “Bad Loans – write ’em off.” and turn off the money spigot. Instead he just kept loaning and loaning.

In the end, guess what happened. Yep. The guy declared bankruptcy. And I’ll give you three guesses who was standing right there at the courthouse door waiting to LOAN THE GUY MORE MONEY!!! Yep. Our fool of a banker.

And that’s basically what will happen if Greece defaults.

So what’s all the hand-wringing about? Greece is broke. Everyone knows it. They spent more than they had and it’s time to own up to it. The people who had to KNOW that Greece was in over it’s head – YET BOUGHT THEIR DEBT ANYWAY – should just write off their stupid “investments” and get on with life.

Then Greece should be put on a diet, a money diet. “You want something? What do you have to pay for it with?” Put the nation on a cash basis for a while so they can learn that they shouldn’t spend more than they have. And REFUSE to honor any fiat currency the Greeks try to pawn off as money.

And don’t be like the fool banker who was standing right there to loan the guy I knew more money.

Seems to me that we have waaaay too many fool bankers in the world, and they are running waaaay too many central banks, and all they have to trade with is Monopoly Money and all they have to back up their Monopoly Money is the gullibility of the people who, like them, pretend it’s real and that it’s worth something.

So… let’s just do it. Greece is broke – bankrupt. Move on and say “Goodnight Ethel.”


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