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June 27, 2011 / 74

Garden Update

Seems like only yesterday that I updated this …  ;-D

Okay – yesterday evening I went up to the “chicken house” to do some stuff, and saw a keet running around outside. I thought, “Oh NO! ANOTHER of the little Houdinis has escaped!” So I got the butterfly net, and followed him… sloooowly. He DASHED under a rather thin short weed, but before I could get there he reached the same conclusion I had – not enough cover, and dashed across the path to thicker cover. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for him, what appears to be dense cover at the height of 5 inches is still really thin from over 5 feet. So I eased up to him and netted weeds and all. So he was returned to his flock… and we are now back up to 20 keets.

Had us a little storm last night… and here I was complaining about a lack of rain… We received 2.3″ last night, lost power, and had an old dead tree branch dropped on the tin barn roof. I’d say “now it leaks” but it did before, so I have to say, “Now it leaks MORE… and there’s a hole that possums can get through. So in the next few days I’ll have to plug the hole somehow… which may involve getting the dead log out of it… have to wait and see. And the old oak tree by the grain bin lost a couple of smallish branches.

The corn patch was blown every which way from Sunday – but I’ve seen that particular variety of corn just bend the stalk from the ground up and still bear corn. (It’s “Bloody Butcher” corn. TOUGH stuff!)

The winter wheat and the rye were laid over by the wind – but they aren’t flat so they can still be harvested when they finish drying, and the summer wheat – still in the grass stage, is fine as are the ‘taters.

The beans got beat up, but seem to be viable yet.

Otherwise we seem to have come through it fairly well, even though we had gravelly sound on the AM radio (an instant tornado detector- continuous gravelly sound on an AM radio means there is a tornado within a mile of two of your location) for a short while and so went to the basement. Don’t know if there was or wasn’t a tornado around. Being overly cautious is better than being newly dead.


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