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July 3, 2011 / 74

Garden News

It worked again! I went out yesterday evening and watered a section of the garden for an hour. This morning, we received 1.1″ of rain. ;-D That’s the most reliable method of making it rain that I know…

Did I tell you that Houdini escaped again? Yep… early this week… haven’t seen him since. So now we have 19 guinea keets.

The chicks are all feathered out and growing.

Going to pick the turnips today or tomorrow. I planted a short row – about 20′ – of them and by the time I got the rabbit cage on them, I was down to about a dozen. But they grew well, and I’m looking forward to them. I don’t recall ever having turnips.

The tomatoes are blossoming. The plants are kind of short due to the lack of rain, but there are 13 stakes surviving from the original 24 planted.

We have onions… growing. It took them quite a while to make their appearance, which I suppose is why most folks plant “starts” instead of seeds.

The beans that were snarfed by a creature or creatures unknown are making an effort to recover. If the stems are long enough, they are putting out leaves. We’re going to have a LOT of beans!!! Both dry and green!!! And the pole beans we planted in the corn are growing. It’s going to be interesting to see if the squash/pumpkin leaves get to them and shade them out before they can climb up the corn stalks. (We’re doing a “Three sisters” planting like the indians used to do – with no fences. We want to see if the deer and other creatures leave the stuff alone.

Still p[lanting squash things – cucumbers and zucchini and acorn squash. I’m only about twenty or thirty from being done.

And I got a surprise yesterday. The tree of indeterminate variety in the back yard by the garden path… is a black walnut. It’s dropping green walnuts on the path. Just what I needed – another something to trip me and try to break my leg on. Oh, JOY!  ;-D

The wheat and rye seemed to be about ready before the rain… now it’s not. 😐

I’ve been practicing with my scythe… mowing grass and weeds with it, and learning how to sharpen it, and practicing keeping the blade on the ground. It’s not a weed whacker so you don’t swing it like one. It’s a whole different animal! I have to work on my stance and swing angle now… so the windrow goes behind me instead of onto the next cut.

The riding lawnmower – my work horse, is in the shop getting serviced and getting the mowing deck fixed. Seems like I run into at least one T post every year with the deck, so you think the mower would get used to it and not break every year…

If your circumstances permit, y’all have a happy 4th!



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