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July 5, 2011 / 74

Garden – Rain & etc

Okay. I found another way to make it rain. You plant a grain… in this case rye and winter wheat. And when it’s ready to mow, you take your scythe out and whet it, and start to mow the grain by hand. As sure as puppies piddle, as soon as you get the first swath on the ground, the clouds will start to sneak over the horizon…

Yep… it’s raining out there.

The storm we had last week was nasty… it broke some pretty large branches on our old oak on the hill and if you can believe this, it UP-ROOTED a ten inch honey locust tree!!! The straight line winds just pushed it over.

That same wind also bent the grain over some more. It’s not on the ground, but the straws are about 50 degrees or so, which makes it hard to mow and to deliver a nice windrow behind you with the scythe. Instead of being all nicely aligned and pointing the same way, the straw is all a-tangle. So I worked a couple of hours gathering straw and trying to get it aligned with the grain mostly on the same end of the small shock I was going to make… and ran out of time. So I tied up what I had, and just wadded up most of the rest and hauled it to the shed in a little garden wagon. I left a lot of it on the ground, though. I’m hoping that whatever has been snarfing my veggies will eat the grain instead and leave the veggies alone. I look at it as a protection payment. Guido never had it so good, eh?

I’m currently thinking that I’m dealing with a rabbit. I don’t know how the heck it got in past the chicken wire & etc – but it did so now I have to deal with it. I got up early this AM and took my .22 rifle up the hill… but the critter was smarter than me and apparently slept in. I’ve been wondering where it was getting its water and this AM I found out. The dew was so heavy, it was dripping off of the fence rods! As I walked  water was sluicing off the bottoms of my boots like I was walking through shallow puddles.

But it was an awful nice morning, tho. It was cool and still, and the world seemed at peace… well… except for the clown sloshing through the dew with a rifle. ;-D

So after a nap, I was going to mix up a plant protector spray today, but it would just be washed off by the rain anyway. If the rain goes away tomorrow, I’ll mix it up and spray it on and around the plants that are being snarfed. In the past, I’ve sprayed just plain watered down dish soap on the plants – and sometimes that works, sometimes not. So I’m going to try a recipe I read about recently. It calls for a couple of ounces of jalapeno pepper (I’ll use some Louisiana Hot Sauce) with a couple of ounces of garlic all in 32 ounces of water, and then let it steep for a half day or a day to make a potent tea. Then you mix a little liquid dish soap with it (which causes the rest to stick to the plants) and spray it on. I’ve used a similar brew in the past and it works okay for a while – but you have to renew it every time it rains. So maybe that will be yet ANOTHER way to make it rain?


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