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July 9, 2011 / 74

Thank You Army Corps of Incompetent “Engineers”

Yes – today I got up, started the coffee and took the mail out to the mail box. ON the way I noted a brisk Southern breeze, which would have been wonderful this time of year, except for the stench of rotting vegetation. The stench of tens of thousands of TONS of rotting vegetation.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, let me just say that the rotten stench of hydrogen sulfide (the nasty smell in your natural gas – usually described as a “rotten egg” smell) and the smell of tens of thousands of tons of rotting vegetation are very similar. And in this case, both are the result of deliberate acts. The hydrogen sulfide in your gas is a good thing, since the gas has no smell of its own. This is how you can “smell gas” and call the gas company to find the leak and to shut the gas off. The smell in gas is put there to save lives. But in this case the stench of tens of thousands of tons of vegetation is caused by the incompetence of the Army Corps of … sorry… “engineers” – the people who brought you the New Orleans flooding during Katrina.

I may be misinformed, but as I understand it, the corpse of engineers (a moribund body if ever there was one) decided that the flood control dams in South Dakota would be better managed if they focused primarily on maintaining a high water level to permit lots of “recreation” in the empoundments. This policy led directly to the inability of the dams to hold the water from the high levels of water from a large snow melt and rain this spring.

Now, you’d think that with all that snow falling last winter, since they are “engineers,” someone would get the bright idea that,  maybe some day the snow would maybe MELT as it does every Spring. And when snow melts it changes to WATER. And a LOT of snow melting would turn into a LOT of water. I’m not an “engineer” but even I can figure that one out.

So sometime in January or February or even in March, they should probably have decided that they should lower the water levels in their lakes so as to be able to provide some FLOOD CONTROL function for the Missouri River basin – which as I recall was the MAIN REASON these dams were built.

But they didn’t.So as I see it, these “engineers” are either stupid or malicious. I don’t see any other options.

If you had your choice of when to cause a flood, especially a flood of hundreds of thousands of acres of prime agricultural land, would you choose to flood that land in February or March? Or would you wait until you could do MAXIMUM DAMAGE to the economy and the people involved and flood it in June and July and August, when most agricultural land would be engaged in the growing of food crops to feed a world that is experiencing increasing levels of food shortages??

Personally, I’d choose to flood it in the winter. But then I’m not a government “engineer”.

But I digress. So now back to my main message – THANK you Army Corpse of Moribund Engineers for the stench that overlays Western Missouri this morning. It adds punctuation to the stench that is coming from Washington DC these days.


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