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July 11, 2011 / 74

Garden Update

Yet another post in the Continuing Saga of the Creature That Ate The Beets & Swiss Chard…

So… the day before yesterday I mixed up The Spray. A couple of ounces of Louisiana Hot Sauce, some garlic, and watered soap… or soapy water. Then I went out and sprayed it on ALL the surviving beet and Swiss chard plants – and some of them were quite nice too! they were left alone – until this morning.

A strong storm rolled through here and dropped .4″ of rain on us in about an hour or two. when it ended, I went up and released the adult chickens to roam and eat bugs, feed and water the little chicks and the guinea keets, and check on the garden.

Going by the tracks he left, that damned rabbit had either come out WHILE it was raining, or soon after and ate nearly ALL of the beet tops and all but stumps of the Swiss Chard plants!!! It waited for the rain to wash the plants of – and snarfed them!!! I re-sprayed and now I’m hoping for another rain… during which I will put on my Frog Togs, and take my .22 rifle up to the garden and wait for him to come out – and hopefully I will get him. I also plan to set some snares around the wheat and rye, and the summer wheat. He is making some fairly clear paths into the stands of grain plants – and I’m hoping that I can catch him coming and going.

It’s not like he doesn’t have plenty to eat – there is clover and some other plants there.

And the beans that didn’t grow – (the “Malibu” beans) that I re-seeded… the new beans are growing well. But I have yet to see a single pepper plant out of three rows planted.


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