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July 22, 2011 / 74

Sure Was HOT for While!

Got so hot, the guineas were just standing around breathing! But then they do that all the time. The three adult hens we have stopped laying about 4 days ago due to the heat.

The temp got up to 97.5F here today, then a few storm clouds  (little cluster of dark clouds) blew in and the temp dropped to 82.1″Since the clouds are coming in from the WSW, I doubt we’ll get any rain today.

We got 1.6″ of rain overnight, along with lots of thunder and lightning. But just an info bit – it has been so dry and hot here, that although 1.6″ of rain SEEMS like a lot, when I dug up a few hills of New Potatoes (Remember all those potatoes?) the ground was only damp for about 3 inches down – then it was dry powder. So we’re not out of the dry stuff yet.

So… it’s FRIDAY! that means tomorrow is another work day… and the day after that, and the day after that… 🙂


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