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July 23, 2011 / 74

What The Rabbit Didn’t Get

I went into considerable detail about the munchies that the rabbit snarfed. So today I’m gonna tell you some of what the rabbit DIDN’T snarf!

For supper this evening, we had a soupy kind of stew that had creamed chicken & new potatoes with onions and two kinds of steamed fresh picked green beans, with a chunk of whole wheat (REALLY whole wheat – fresh ground right here!) bread. There were two kinds of green beans – one was what Melodee (aka The Empress) called an “italian” bean – lighter green and sorta flatish  and the other was a pole bean that was picked young, so it was kind of thin and very tender.

Tasty. VERY tasty!

The temp here got up to about 97 today.

The tasty dinner started out with a few beans. The beans started with bean picking, which  started out with me just going up to the garden to see how things were going. Well, I saw a couple of green beans, and so I picked them. Then I saw more and picked them… and saw more and thought I ought to go get a basket. So I got a basket and started to pick a few beans, and figured that while I was down there, I may as well get rid of some of that darned joint grass. A couple of hours later I’d weeded two rows of beans! (Remember – these are 100 foot rows!) At the end of the rows, I found that the old knees ain’t what they used to be… but me and my knees managed to get up anyway. And I was getting awfully dry so I abandoned the bean patch and headed for the water jug, then the house.

I’d dug a couple of scrawny potato plants yesterday and got a few, very few, new potatoes. So I thought that maybe I should dig a few more to go with the beans, so I did. The rest, as they say, was dinner.

MEANWHILE – while I was plotting the death of the joint grass and discovering some little greenish worms on the bottoms of a few bean leaves, Melodee and Em (one of our daughters) were working on the chicken shed – building a roosting frame and a ramp for the guineas and the chicken poults. It’s about time to let them out to free-range. Soon, my pretties! ;-D

The tomatoes are being consumed by joint grass, and somehow we ended up with the majority of the surviving tomato plants being cherry or salad tomatoes! There’s only about one Roma plant!!! And about two slicing/eating tomatoes. And the rest of the tomato plants seem to be smaller types.  😦

It has been so hot, the adult hens stopped laying.

And I’m thinking of just sitting down and not working any more. It seems the more work I do, the more there is to do! Years ago, I thought that having kids was the solution to that… you have the kids, they get big, they do the work while you sit and watch… I thought it all out and thought I had it figured… WRONG!  ;-D


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