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July 24, 2011 / 74

In Which the Storm Did Damage and Killed

We had a STRONG extended thunder storm overnight with high winds and driving rain, some light occasional hail. I believe that the main lightning and wind began from the WNW around 01:00 and moved off to the S or SE around 05:30 – 06:00.

Local rain accumulation total for the storm was 2.1″.

Our power was knocked out power for 7.5 hours (01:15 – 09:45). No a/c, no fans to move the sticky air around. 😦

Most of the corn was flattened (except for the Bloody Butcher corn – which got shredded on one corner of the patch, and the rest lost a leaf here and there.). We have 11 varieties in test rows, trying to see what corn does what under what conditions. Planting 11 varieties means that no matter what the year does, we will probably have a corn that does well for those conditions – and we can classify that variety for the years when we expect to see those conditions and plant a lot of it. So far the heritage variety called “bloody butcher” seems to be  a tough all condition dent corn. And the corn stalks are IMPRESSIVE – rising to between eight and ten feet tall with one to as many as three “out-riders”!

The summer wheat was laid over, in three different directions and a couple of large branches from oak trees were blown down. Vegetation damage patterns indicate the possibility of some windshear. The storm seems to have come in from the WNW, but the ground damage is from the NE in some spots, and all over the compass in other scattered areas. Since we have over 60 acres of dense woodlands full of mixed deciduous trees, and since a lot of those lightning strikes were nearly right on top of us, I’m assuming tree damage in the woods.

And we lost one guinea poult, and one chicken poult, probably due to suffocation. During heavy storms the smaller birds tend to pile up – and if the pile is tight, the one(s) at the bottom get suffocated. Poor little guys!

So… the weather Organicked all over us last night, but the BEANS look FINE!!! JUST FINE!!!



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