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July 25, 2011 / 74

Climate Change?

A farm, organic or not, wouldn’t work without weather.

Weather is just a day-by-day expression of climate.

So I’m going to dip my oar into the turgid, or turbid (your choice), waters and post a reference to a REAL scientific organization and their discoveries and opinions.

This is as opposed to the current gaggle of meteorologists, politicians, and scam artists who, like Chicken Little whose sky is forever falling, may be over-excited about a subject which they know little to nothing about. And I can say that with confidence because the human race doesn’t know anything about how our climate works – we are just beginning to learn.  And I can say that because after reading the first two IPCC “reports” I determined that THEY didn’t know what they were talking about, and didn’t even bother to use good scientific method OR to hide their gross incompetence at science.

The whole Global Warming thing is based on computer models. But the problem with computer models is that you have to put accurate data IN to get reliable and accurate data OUT. Many of the factors that affect our climate were not even known when the IPCC launched its crusade. And if they weren’t aware of the factors, they could not have had accurate data to use in the models, especially since such data did not then, and does not yet exist.

So – that said – here’s the real world. Real science, as presented by real scientists. And if you are now assuming that they take either a pro or a con position about “climate change” or “global warming” – you’re wrong. Read the article and learn why the IPCC and such buffoons are not to be listened to.

Perhaps I should insert a paragraph here – from near the end of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute article:

Researchers always tell you that more research funding is needed, and we are not any different. Our main message is not just that, however. It is that global climate is moving in a direction that makes abrupt climate change more probable, that these dynamics lie beyond the capability of many of the models used in IPCC reports, and the consequences of ignoring this may be large. For those of us living around the edge of the N. Atlantic Ocean, we may be planning for climate scenarios of global warming that are opposite to what might actually occur.

Now the link:

“Are We On The Brink of a New ‘Little Ice Age’? ” By Terrence Joyce, Senior Scientist, Physical Oceanography and Lloyd Keigwin, Senior Scientist, Geology & Geophysics

The first thing any person should determine when dealing with science is the question of “Do we have sufficient knowledge to determine what the relevant and necessary data is, and is such data in?” Next, “has it been evaluated as to accuracy?” And “has it been interpreted as to meaning and applied to the issue?”

As yet, since the data is not in it cannot be evaluated or applied. Thus we should withhold judgment until these things happen. Rushing to judgment at this point, and changing our socio-political-economic systems based on false science, ie doing SOMETHING – ANYTHING would be a really REALLY bad thing to do.


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