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July 26, 2011 / 74

It’s Still A Garden… I Think…

Happy Guineas

Happy guineas

Let’s see, beets gone, most of the onions gone, no Swiss Chard. No peppers. About the only things that did well are the beans and the wheat and rye… and of course the joint grass!!!

I don’t expect the massive harvest of tomatoes that I expected at the beginning of the year… we’ll be lucky if we have enough to can any at all. The potatoes are still in-process.

The squash and corn are doing okay – the corn really surprised me. The bloody Butcher dent corn is now about 9 feet tall and apparently doing as well as can be expected – well – the PLANTS look good, anyway. And all the other corn that was flattened in the storm last week are standing up proud and … well… short.

Re: The Rabbit – I don’t know if he has been successfully sequestered in the grain half of the garden, or if he escaped, or just got tired of eating beans, having eaten everything else. So the issue of The Rabbit is, for now, on hold.

It’s been hot and very HUMID – not good grain drying weather. the summer wheat is in the milk stage, and seems to be plotting to avoid being harvested as it’s hiding in some very impressive weeds!

I wonder if anyone would pay for my weeds? It’s about the only thing that’s growing well this year. Even my daughter’s horseradish plants were snarfed by something!

Still lots of work to do, tho.

And the guineas – what a hoot! We let them into their new digs a few days ago, with their new angled roost and all. They play “slide down the 2 X 4”, and they are just about ready to allow outside as free-rangers. I saw a couple of them up by one of their windows looking outside today – I couldn’t be sure but I’m guessing they were marking down the first bugs they planned to eat!

The adult hens have a new thing they do. They have started to shove their waterer off the concrete block it sits on. I had it on an upside down hog pan, but they kept scratching floor detritus into the water trough. So I set it higher to get the water above the nasties. so when it gets light enough to shove off the block, off it goes. then they have to do without water until I get up there and notice it. Dumb clucks! ;-D


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