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July 31, 2011 / 74

It’s A New Day in the Garden!

Okay… yeah yeah, it’s almost noon. But hey… I ran out of boiled eggs. (Sounds like a plausible excuse for not hitting the fields ’til noon to me! ;-D)

Today – the plan is – beat some wheat heads into a tub. The wheat is so far from “ready” that the grains more easily fall off the heads and into the tub. What I’m doing is uprooting handfuls of stalks, putting a double bend in the stems so that I can hang the wheat heads in the tub and keep the dirty roots outside and below the rim, then I bang the heads on the side of the tub, and set the cluster of stems aside to be processed in the chipper later. Working pretty good so far. Got a half pound of nearly clean grain yesterday in 20 minutes.

Then I’ll process the heads through the chipper to get the remaining grain out, and take that and the straw it generates and use it for chicken/guinea bedding. After I’m done with that, I’ll increase the RPMs of the chipper and shred the remaining straw into more chicken bedding.

I’m allocating no more than two hours to that.

THEN I get the pressure cooker down and wash it, and set it on the stove, and fill the dishwasher with pint jars. While they are running, I go out and pick green beans and weed at the same time. It should take about two hours to run two rows of weeds and beans.

BACK inside, I empty the dishwasher, “process” the beans” (wash the beans de-string the ones with strings, etc.) put a pinch of non-iodized salt into each jar and fill the jars with beans, then fill them with distilled water (we have our own water stills) to within 1 inch of the top, and follow the pressure cooker’s instructions – and POOF! Canned Green beans!!! YEAHHHH!!!

Well… that’s the plan.

Gotta go – time on the boiling eggs just went off… time to jump up and DO!

BTW – on a related note – do any of you remember those old toasters that when they were done toasting, would THROW the toast up and out of the toaster? I finally know why they set the eject springs so tight. Making bread out of WHOLE wheat, not the “whole” wheat bread you buy in the store, has demonstrated why. The stuff you get in the store is NOT whole wheat, since they strip off parts of it, and that store bread is also a HUGE percentage of air.

Well… we’re making our own bread now. We’re grinding the wheat, and the rye (4 cups wheat, 2 cups rye) and baking our bread. And when you cut even a THIN slice of our bread, and put it in the toaster, when it’s done the toaster shuts off the heating elements, and then the bread just sits there. You have to lift the handle to lift the bread up above the slot top because the bread has SUBSTANCE!!! It’s too heavy for the “modern” toasters (Like the GE toaster on my counter) to lift! I bet one of those old toasters would just pop the bread up like today’s toasters do the air-bread. The commercial bread goes flying because there’s nothing there.



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