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August 3, 2011 / 74

Wherein Weeds Are Not Always Bad

Here are some pictures of the Wild Things on the “farm”… and some not so wild… I’m not real good at this picture insertion thing when I want to put more than one in, but you get the idea.

Went out to pick beans today… got a few – problems. (What ELSE would you expect in MY garden???) I sort of “accidentally” planted some pole beans in the bush beans, so the pole beans think that the bush beans are their designated poles and they are sending off MILES of vine ropes trying to climb the bush beans – which are shorter than the pole beans. What this is doing is sort of tying up and shading out the bush beans. Pretty much the kind of thing you’d expect from the Wacky Garden.

And with all the shade and the damp, REALLY damp conditions at ground level, I’m ending up with a sort of stem rot at ground level – but ONLY with the bush beans. So I pick a bean and get a bush – which snaps off at ground level. NOTE for next year – leave the rows further apart for air circulation and to make it easier to weed, and NO POLE BEANS except in the corn patch!!!

The pole beans are setting blossoms – so – optimist that I am, I’m assuming that there will be beans… some day.

I strongly suspect that Rabbit is getting info from this blog. Last night he boycotted the trap. 😦

The weather guy sez it’s 84F outside now – the expected high for today. And there’s a nice breeze out there! Think I’ll clean the beans, can ’em, and then do some wheat…



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