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August 4, 2011 / 74

Making Mr. Rabbit Unhappy

Early morning view from my house.

Okay… so maybe he LIKES dust billowing through his wheat patch… but I somehow doubt it. At least I HOPE he doesn’t like it…

(Please note the unconscious reference to “his” wheat patch instead of MY wheat patch.)

My job du jour Thursday was to clean up the pile of wheat straw clumps that were piling up, feed the gleanings to the guineas and the chickens, and give them some fresh straw at the same time. So I uncovered the chipper, fired it up on LOW speed, and fed the head-ends of the bundles of straw (the ones I’d already beaten on the tubs) into it JUST so far. While doing that, the outflow of the chipper was fed into the bag so none of the grain got lost in the grass.

Then when that was done, I cranked up the RPMs and took the bag off and fed the same straw bundles into the chipper/shredder. Remember the trouble I had with the dirt clumps getting into the wheat? No longer a problem… I just fed EVERYTHING into the machine and blew the straw all over the the lawnmower alley between planted areas.It was amazing to me how much wheat went into the dirt. I understand that hand-threshing like I’m doing costs about 50% of the yield… I believe it.

Of course, the dirt clumps are now very dry. So when the clumps hit the shredder blades MASSIVE clouds of THICK dust came boiling out… and spread over the summer wheat where I presume Mr Rabbit was hiding. I didn’t hear any coughing… but I’m thinking he didn’t like it… I’m HOPING he didn’t like it. I got enough blowback to know that *I* didn’t like it…Maybe it made him dry enough that he’ll visit the water dish… you know… the one in the live trap? And maybe it MIGHT even go off and catch his butt?

And there was a method to my madness. Mr Rabbit is ignoring the water and such in the live trap.

Okay. He made his choice. I noted a couple of obvious worn paths in the edge of the summer wheat stand… like… TRAILS. No doubt where he has been dragging his well fed fat butt over the ground. So I was blowing dust and straw over the two most obvious paths. If they are disturbed tomorrow, I’m going to try my hand at setting a couple of snares. I set snares in the fence line last winter – trying to catch this same rabbit when he was just beginning his life of crime. But he was apparently already in and hiding… or he was small enough he didn’t need to drag his butt and make trails. Maybe Mr Rabbit has eaten too well for his own good?

One thing is sure. Whether I get him or not, at the end of the year, I’m doing a complete cleaning of the garden area. There won’t be a BUG in there that I can’t see. I plan to check the rabbit fence and make certain-sure that there is no rabbit in there, and tighten up any possible holes.

Then next year if Mr Rabbit wants to eat any of my veggies, he can walk, run, or drive his buns to my Farmer’s Market stand and cough up some cash! He’s had all the free samples I care to provide.



(If the picture seems really dark, just change the angle that you’re looking at it so that you’re looking sort of DOWN at it. I use this pic on my cell, and I can tilt the phone and make it look like the sun is coming up and day is breaking.)



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