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August 18, 2011 / 74

Recovery Garden (Fall Planting)

Okay – since my BIG summer garden pooped out on me and fed the rabbit what it grew, I decided that if times were REALLY hard, then I’d starve this winter. So – what would a pioneer do about that? Same thing I’m doing. Planting short season cool season veggies – and hope for a late frost. You know – the kind of things you plant in the early Spring only without the flea beetles and cabbage worms?

The stuff I’m planting is short season enough to slide in under the “average first frost date” okay – but the problem might be that an average is an average, not a guarantee. Our “average first frost date” here is Oct 10. If it waits until Oct 20, then I get more food. If it comes early and hits on Oct 1, then I’m toast and I’ll be buying veggies in cans. 😦  Which is why I’ll be looking for some large-ish covers for the scaled down garden to maybe cover it if a frost does come.

My BIG garden was 40 feet by 100 feet, or about 4,000 square feet (+/-). My fall garden is only about 25′ X 30′ or about 750 sq ft. Less time = less space and less expectation. Funny thing – it somehow doesn’t seem like less work tho… and the ground now is like concrete because it’s not developed garden soil. (ie no tilth at all and hard compact clayey dirt.)

I’ve planted all the longer growing season stuff except the beans and broccoli – and I won’t get the seeds for those until tomorrow. Rows are 30′ long.

I put in a row of turnips, three rows of carrots, four rows of beets, and a row of cauliflower. I also poked a Swiss Chard seed at each end of each row just for fun and to see if they’ll grow. The radishes can wait to be planted later – having half the growing season as the rest of the stuff and being cold hardy as well. And they won’t go in the garden proper anyway – they’ll be poked into the ground in little circle areas outside the row garden – just for fun. (And circle plantings are easier to weed than loonngggg rows ’cause you can just park on a cushion and weed without dragging your knees along over the hard dirt.)

This is the first time I’ve planted a fall garden – so it will be a learning thing – but then it seems like EVERY year is a learning thing, eh?

It was pretty warm here today, but a cold front is moving in and we’re supposed to get rain this evening. I’m debating whether to water the seeds in or not… just looked at the radar – I think I’ll go up and hose the new garden down…  ;-D



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