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August 24, 2011 / 74

Recovery Garden

It’s fall – and the joint grass and the rabbit pretty much destroyed my plans for winter veggies. So – I’m thinking, “what would the pioneers have done?” I mean, when you consider that they were out there in the middle of NOWHERE, the nearest grocery/dry goods store was about a week or two’s ride away and there was no money to waste on buying frills like food. You were supposed to grow your own!

So I thought – maybe I can pretend it’s Spring and plant spring veggies! So I prepped the wheat/rye patch and laid out a fall garden. I’m pretty sure I already told about how the rabbit was still there, and how I got him to “leave”. ;-D

So after the rabbit was gone, I see the turnips growing. Then the beets. then a few cauliflowers and broccoli’s… then a few less turnips, and a few less beets… and no. rabbit is not back because rabbit left largeish tracks in mud. We had mud and no rabbit tracks.

So I look around, I walk around, and I see grasshoppers. Lots of them. Did I mention that I’ve noticed that with the crappy hot weather, and maybe the hunting is better down in the valley where the flood is, but I haven’t seen many birds around up here this year. So we get grasshoppers.

Now we know why the Brulé Sioux “Buffalo Bird Woman” stored three years of food at a time.

And Summer isn’t over yet, it just took a break. So today I prepped the ground to plant three rows of spinach, some radishes in another row, and another row of turnips… but I didn’t plant them. with daytime temps in the high 80’s and low to mid 90’s the seeds wouldn’t germinate. They’d just die. But the seed beds are ready. And if the weather provides us with a real autumn, perhaps there can be some veggies yet…

And there is some corn… if the worms don’t eat it all.

And some squash.

And of course, some beans in the big garden… I think I’ll think positively and go out there with a large basket…

Almost forgot – I picked about a dozen tomato horn worms today and fed them to the chickens. They DO like them!


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