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August 30, 2011 / 74

Vocabulary Shift

It has occurred to me that the old political labels are no longer useful, and in fact actually impair meaningful political discourse. Democrat and Republican are now synonyms, both now implying advocacy of Big State centralized government with little to no individual liberty.

We see the Presidencies of GW Bush (Bush43) and Barack Obama are similar to, if not clones of, each other. Both used crisis to enact laws that to all practical intent, eliminated individual liberty and kicked the US Constitution and Bill of Rights into a dark dusty corner. Both launched upon apparently imperial wars of adventure, with little to no justification. Both Presidents drove up the National Debt at unprecedented rates, although President Obama seems to be vastly better at deficit spending and devaluing the dollar than GWBush was.

So I think it’s safe to say that the public name calling and fighting in the halls of Congress is camouflage. Both parties know where they want to go, and are proceeding there arm in arm. The apparent disagreements are theater for the Little People.

RINOs and DINOS rule our nation. Is there an honest person in the land? Or has God abandoned our nation?


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