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September 3, 2011 / 74

Wanna Play A Little Game?

Wanna play a game? Some time ago I posted a piece and told you about tomato horn worms and I posted a couple of pictures of them. So… here’s the game. The picture on the top is another picture of a tomato horn worm (and a broom.  ;-D).

The picture on the bottom is of a tomato plant.   IN the tomato plant picture – there is a worm… The game is called “Find the Worm”. See if you can spot him.

The Worm

The tomato plant with the worm

We catch between 5 and 15 of these things every day. I don’t know if they breed that fast, or if we are that blind that we don’t catch them all in one day. I have noticed that I’m catching more smaller ones lately… and the tomato plants seem to be doing better, so maybe I’m getting the hang of spotting them. I learned today that they are easier to see if you get your face down on their level…

IN other garden news, we planted a new strawberry patch today. We went with “tristar” strawberries – which are supposed to bear heavily in the Spring, slack off in the summer, and heavily again in the fall, and they are supposed to not send out a lot of runners (which are a PITA when you want high volumes of berry production.) Last year I spent a LOT of time with the scissors cutting off runners…

We put out 100 new plants, and next year hope they’ll spread to cover the area we gave them. We had summer wheat there that I mowed – (to get the rabbit out of the garden) and then I rototilled it in to start building up the soil and give it some tilth, and put down a heavy layer of grass mulch from the yard.

Well… the summer wheat is growing. I’d till the ground again, but I don’t really care if it grows or not since it’s summer wheat. I’ll let it get taller, then till it in for green manure in the spring. I won’t have to worry about it reseeding itself again that way because summer wheat won’t set seed if its frozen. (While winter wheat won’t set seed UNLESS it’s frozen.)

And a while ago I thought that the grasshoppers had eaten all the pea sprouts. I was mistaken. The peas hadn’t sprouted yet. They are coming up now, and those birds I mentioned are getting the drop on the grasshoppers – so maybe there will be some peas in the freezer this winter? And the filet beans and new green beans are coming along well. It’s amazing how much difference the lack of a resident rabbit can make in a garden’s health!

Tuesday I have to pick-up the riding lawn mower – it’s at the shop getting the deck repaired – again. This time the guy took it apart and showed me the damage, and I asked him if that could have been caused by hitting a steel electric fence post. When he said yes, I told him, “Well I don’t understand. I hit those all the time and they never broke the mower before!” ;-D

The weather has been hot again – the temps have been in the upper 90’s here… but tonight it’s supposed to get down into the 50’s, and maybe down into the 40’s later this week or next. The peas will like that, I’m sure.

But it also means that winter is just around the corner and I haven’t cut my first log for the winter of 2012/2013 yet. I think I have this winter’s wood in the wood shed…plus a little… if it doesn’t get too nasty. I burn about three cords of firewood a year, and that’s a lot of cutting splitting and stacking! If we get a good frost before the end of October, it will be time to start felling trees…


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