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September 7, 2011 / 74

Under Romney, the Imperial Presidency Would Continue

From CNN’s report on Romney’s “economic plan”:

He also pledged to immediately halt any regulations and policies implemented by President Barack Obama that stall job growth, and to cut government spending — except for the military and entitlement programs — by 5%. …

The Romney plan includes additional steps he pledged to take on his first day of office, including an executive order to waive the health care reform law implemented by Obama and Democrats last year “so we can stop that in its tracks,”

The regulations and executive orders churned out by Pres Obama and Bush43 can be reversed by the next President. But like it or not the Obama Health Care Act was passed by the Congress and signed by the President – which makes it a LAW!

For Romney to think that he has the power to just issue an executive order that will “stop that in its tracks” is to expose his thinking that HE can just waive laws and revoke them by executive decree. I thought Romney was running for PRESIDENT – not EMPEROR? Isn’t that one of the problems that many of us had with GW Bush, and that we continue to have with Barack Obama? So apparently Mr. Romney wants us to continue the practice of We the People electing a new King instead of a President?

When we add to that his lies about his responsibility for RomneyCare in MA, I think we can pretty much bank “Romney the 8 ball’s” chances for being President into the corner pocket.

As to his economic “plan” – he said he’d “cut government spending — except for the military and entitlement programs — by 5%”. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well…. it sounds good until you look at what he said and put some numbers to it. In 2010 “Discretionary” spending (what’s left after the military and the other spending he won’t touch) is only 19% of the budget. So if you cut 5% of 19% – your net cut is less than 1%. I don’t know about YOU, but I’m IMPRESSED! (snark)

Like most politicians Romney hasn’t the guts, or maybe hasn’t the brains, to deal with the REAL problem. He refuses to address the elephant in the budget room – which is those entitlements he won’t touch. If you don’t touch the entitlements – you don’t fix the problem. You don’t even ADDRESS the problem.

So… based on Romney’s “plan” I think we can reduce the number of serious contenders for the GOP nomination by one.



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  1. Anonymous / Sep 13 2011 10:56

    I found this highly amusing:

    Liz P.
    Columbia, MO

    • Michael E Picray / Sep 13 2011 12:13

      Rick Perry – All hat, no cattle.

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