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September 16, 2011 / 74

Is there A Disturbance In the Force?

Around here we just call it FIDS – Feelings of Impending Doom. I’ve been feeling this vague unease for some time now – can’t put a date on it, but it has been since before Dec ’07 when the US Second Great Depression officially began.

My wife travels a lot, and sees and talks to a lot of people – mostly professionals and executives in many fields. She reports that I am not alone. People are having feelings that “something bad is going to happen.” Like me, they don’t know what or when, but something “bad”, and “soon.”

When I get FIDS, the “soon” can be anywhere from sometime that day, to a few years out.

Research indicates that even plants get FIDS – researchers measure the electrical energy of plants, and just before they snip off a leaf, the energy levels go up.

I know we’re going to have an economic crash that will make 1929 look like a kid’s birthday party! (The Clown is already in costume!) And that may be a part of it – but no. That’s not it. The feeling I’m having is that there will be something REALLY bad happen – someone sets a nuke off in NY harbor kicking off WW IV – a new kind of deadly virus or bacteria runs amok through the world’s people, killing billions… something BAD!!!!

I hope my feelings of Impending Doom are just gas or something.


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