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September 27, 2011 / 74

Europe Restricting/Controlling Gold Purchases By Citizens

As a sort of additional comment, I offer this link to an article that perhaps indicates that the move from fiat currency to commodity based currency is underway – in Europe anyway. The EU is on the brink of either becoming insolvent, or collapsing. Germany can’t hold them all up. If they shift to a gold standard BEFORE they collapse – it will go a lot better for them.

See my piece “If the Government Lost the Ability to borrow” (option #2)

If you plan to confiscate the gold, it helps if you know where it is in advance…

(Media gossip – I read an article today that indicated that Geithner went to Europe and they told him to take his worthless US dollars and go home, they are not interested in any “bailouts” from the US FED. They also reportedly asked him if Obama approved of something, and Geithner reportedly said, “He’s not in charge!” Interesting… but then we already knew that.)


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