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September 30, 2011 / 74

Note to Link Spammers

Okay – you snuck up on me ’cause I didn’t know how you operate. But I’m not as dumb as you want me to be. I became suspicious at the sudden rush of flattering comments from all around the world. These comments had certain similarities – like EVERY ONE OF THEM had at least one badly misspelled word in it. And when I edited them, they all showed links in the name. Many of the links were to Google or Bing or Yahoo!. Reading the information posted by my spam filter provider, I learned that these links were their product. As the Spam filter people at Akismet put it:

Web spammers are selling links from your blog to their clients. They do this to game the search engines and trick your readers into visiting dubious web sites. Their clients are sometimes seemingly harmless, but are often peddling fake pills, porn, scams and malware. Sometimes they’ll use “buffer sites” – that is, innocent looking web pages intended to disguise the fact that they’re really advertising something more sinister.

So Spammers – I am now on to you, and EVERY link you posted to my blog in the comments is now GONE! Sucks to be you. May your hard drive crash and take your accumulated earnings with it.

(I linked to Akismet’s site above because they have a FREE service for personal Blogs as well as paid accounts for businesses – and they’re good at what they do – I mean GOOD! If you have a blog – and especially if you get those stupid “Oh you’re do WONDERFUL” comments from people you don’t know, check it out. I am NOT being paid for this endorsement!!!)


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