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October 13, 2011 / 74

Coming Soon to an Economy Near You

First there was the abandonment of the Bretton Woods agreements which opened the door to completely worthless currency (fiat currency), followed by over ten years of Stagflation. Then a brief period of sanity before the dismantling of the monetary system began and accelerated. Derivatives promised everything, and gave back only debt – mountains and mountains of debt. But that was okay. What difference does it make if you owe billions – but you can print up Trillions at a time – and hey! Everybody’s doing it so it’s okay!

So as the money becomes worthless, as governments and banking systems collapse, as jobs and commerce become scarce and people start to know REAL hunger… despair will rule the land and governments will be helpless to fix it by allowing the people freedom because they will be too busy jealously guarding their power…

We are in for a really REALLY dangerous period of time – and at present, given the smallness of the “leaders” in the Western World, I see no chance of avoiding it.

I believe that a second dark age is fast upon us. May God help us because our governments certainly won’t.


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