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October 18, 2011 / 74

Roman Catholic Church – Ongoing Criminal Conspiracy

As time passes, the depths of the depravity of the Roman Catholic Church are becoming better known. We all know about the pedophilia, we all know that the current Pope facilitated and covered up for child molesting priests for decades. But now there is a new crime that comes from this Mafia in Robes.

In an article on the BBC’s web page we find out that the Roman Catholic Church in Spain has been stealing babies and selling them. The story says that the church facilitated the theft of possibly over 300,000 babies.

This baby trafficking business “started under Franco and continued up to the 1990s.”

How long will the world continue to tolerate this criminal gang? It’s time to strip these crooks and perverts of their religious shield and put them in jail where they belong, and to confiscate the massive wealth that the Roman Catholic Church has stolen from the people over the centuries.



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  1. J Morgan / Nov 16 2011 02:29

    I can not understand why anyone would wish to be associated with the RC church. The atrocities they are responsible for over the many centuries are unrivaled by any other organisation. How is it they still have loyal minions?

    • Andrew Riley / Nov 16 2011 08:44

      Christianity (just like Islam) is a cult. That’s why the RC Church and all the little sects that grew out of it have such blind and loyal followers. Don’t you dare to question them, or you’ll burn in hellfire for eternity!!! 😉

      • J Morgan / Nov 16 2011 19:56

        There are a lot of religions that are adherent (some more than others) to Christianity and Islam. I don’t think it’s logical to diverge from talking about Roman Catholics and what they represent, to the blanket term of Christian. Just like if we were discussing the atrocities of the Nazi party and you chimed in and said ‘Germans (just like the huns) can be all pigeon holed together.’

        • Andrew Riley / Nov 16 2011 22:15

          I absolutely don’t think they should all be ‘pigeon holed together’. The guy who wrote this article does, and that’s what made me realize his is a bigot.

          My point is that if you can group up Catholics and condemn the whole group based on the actions of a few, then why not group of all Christians (which began with the Catholic Church) and condemn them too. Why not group up all the religious cults and hold every religious person responsible for crimes committed in the name of a deity? There have been a LOT of crimes committed in the name of one god or another.

          If it’s not right to hold all Germans responsible for what the Nazi party did, then is it right to hold all Catholics responsible for the actions of a small segment of people within the church?

          The answer is no.

          • J Morgan / Nov 17 2011 00:48

            I’m not holding you or any RC responsible for anything, I was questioning why anyone would wish to be associated with a party that have actively oppressed, murdered, kept people in ignorance, and destroyed cultures to gain power, wealth and influence.

            And for the record I think it is foolish to say Christianity began with the RC Church since the histories place it’s beginnings in the late 4th century.

            • Andrew Riley / Nov 17 2011 08:39

              The Catholic Church, which is really just a very large group of people, do many good things. It’s not like every thing this group of people have ever done was an atrocity.

              In any large group, you’re going to have great people and detestable people. As Americans, we have MLK and we have Charles Manson. We help people around the world, and we bomb the hell out of people around the world. Should you and I be ashamed to be associated with the United States? I don’t think so. I love my country, but I don’t love it’s leaders and I don’t love all the things my country has done in it’s history.

              I’m not a Catholic, or even a supporter of organized religion in general, but I’m not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater either. You can continue to focus on the small percentage of Catholics who do bad and I’ll focus on the vast majority of Catholics who contribute to their communities in a positive way every day.

              I quit reading this blog because I think this guy is a bigot and I don’t want to listen to hateful ranting. I’m going to have to figure out how to unsubscribe from the comments too. Unlike the Catholic Church, I don’t see anything good or helpful happening here.

              Thanks for the conversation.

              • J Morgan / Nov 17 2011 20:49

                Mate I think you’ve lost the plot. I suppose u can say the Nazis did some good too, got Germany out of the recession post WW1 and created a fair bit of infrastructure, but I still wouldn’t want to join up. So I dont quite agree with your rational. As for being American, you have my sympathies and agree there isn’t a lot you can do about that. I won’t hold it against you.
                Cheers for the banter

          • Michael E Picray / Nov 17 2011 09:34

            I absolutely don’t think they should all be ‘pigeon holed together’. The guy who wrote this article does, and that’s what made me realize his is a bigot.

            What I’m doing is calling for the outlawing of the RC Church because this crap has been going on for CENTURIES!!! It’s time for the Church to clean up its act – or for the good people to leave it lest they end up having a part of the evil deeds.

            In this day and age, and actually for several hundred years (since at least 1517) the people in the church have KNOWN the RC Church is corrupt. (See “Martin Luther” and the issue of selling indulgences – a practice that endures to this day.) He posted the issue on the Whittenberg door – made it public – and when the Church ignored him, he left it.) By staying in the Church and especially by giving it money and obeisance, these people are enabling it to continue the evil that permeates it – which makes them part of the evil. If you are part of an organization that does evil, you know about it and you stay in that evil, you participate in it even if you do not “approve” of it.

            This is the proper response to corruption in the Church – Leave it!

            Luther’s popularity grew rapidly, mostly due to the general Roman Catholic church members’ dissatisfaction with the corruption and “worldly” desires and habits of the Roman Curia coupled with the preaching of what was perceived as Biblical truth as opposed to Catholic ideology.


            If my standing for the truth of Christ against the continuing corruption of the RC Church makes me a “bigot” in your eyes, then I wear the title proudly.

  2. Andrew Riley / Oct 18 2011 12:51

    As a Christian, why aren’t you flying out to Rome to rip the hat off the Pope’s head?

    What are YOU doing to fix this problem?

    • Michael E Picray / Oct 18 2011 13:12

      What I’m doing is calling for the outlawing of the RC Church because this crap has been going on for CENTURIES!!! It’s time for the Church to clean up its act – or for the good people to leave it lest they end up having a part of the evil deeds.

      It’s time to apply the RICO statutes to the RC Church.I’m joining the voices of people who publicly declare that the little private game is not private anymore – and calling the public’s attention to them. Evil does NOT like it when you shine the bright light of exposure on it. And if enough people join in telling the RC Church that they will not tolerate this monkey business anymore, and start to show their displeasure by boycotting their own parish church, and if enough priests tell their bishops that it’s the pope and his perverts who are causing the church to die, then maybe, MAYBE the RC Church will do something about it.

      As to why I don’t “tip the hat off the pope’s head” – I’ve been to Rome. I wouldn’t get within 30 feet of His Dirtiness.

      • Andrew Riley / Oct 18 2011 13:28

        So, in reality, what you’re doing is…

        A. Having strong opinions.
        B. Being angry.
        C. Complaining on your blog.

        What did I miss?

        • Michael E Picray / Oct 18 2011 16:23

          Not much. It’s about all I can do.

          Doesn’t stealing babies and selling them, rape, and pedophilia make you angry?

          • Andrew Riley / Oct 18 2011 17:05

            No, Michael. Those things do not make me angry.

            Being angry about crime and suffering doesn’t help the victims, and it doesn’t do anything for me except make me an angry person. I don’t want to be an angry person.

            I feel sadness that these kinds of things happen, but I know that suffering is part of life and I have to accept it. When I have the opportunity to prevent something bad from happening, I try to do my best to prevent it. When I have the opportunity to comfort the victim of tragedy I also do that. I do these things because it’s the right thing to do. Being angry and spreading my anger around helps exactly nobody.

            So I read your post, and I agree that the things you are talking about are terrible. What I don’t agree with is your anger toward all Catholics. Not all Catholics are “crooks and perverts”. When you make broad generalizations like that you are only going to appeal to bigots. When you fervently defend that assertion, you start to look like a bigot. If you want to have an impact on your readers, I’m thinking that sounding like a bigot is maybe not the most effective plan.

            Maybe that’s your goal, but I really doubt it.

            It all comes down to this. You have every right to post anything you want on your blog and be as angry and inflammatory as you like. There are tons of blogs out there with post after post full of anger and hate and bigotry. The ones that have an impact are the ones that use facts to educate people and build trust between the author and the reader so that when the author expresses an opinion it carries weight. Angry rants will appeal to some people, sure. But are those the kind of people you’re trying to reach?

  3. Andrew Riley / Oct 18 2011 10:30

    Prosecute the people who are doing wrong, but I think it’s wrong to condemn the entire church for the actions of a few.

    • Michael E Picray / Oct 18 2011 11:08

      The corruption is systemic, and the Chief enabler for pedophiles is now Pope. It’s not about individuals – it’s a culture of corruption. I didn’t go into the nuns who end up pregnant because of priests raping them… but that’s part of the oppression of powerless people that is the hallmark of the RC church.

      Don’t minimize the problem – root it out! As long as the RC church covers for the perpetrators and refuses to deal harshly with these people, we can only assume that their behavior is Church approved.

      • Andrew Riley / Oct 18 2011 11:31

        Like I said, prosecute the ones who are doing wrong. I am married into a Catholic family, and I can assure you that Catholics do not condone any of the things you’re talking about.

        To condemn the entire church, 99% of which is people who have no part in the problems you’re describing, is wrong.

        Talking about confiscating the wealth of the church sounds like something the nut jobs protesting on wall street would say.

        When someone breaks the law, go after them. Prosecute and punish. When someone covers up a crime, that makes them an accessory to the crime so they should also be prosecuted. But it’s crappy to play the whole “guilt by association” card.

        Yes, root out the ones who are doing wrong. But don’t label 1 Billion people based on the actions of maybe a few thousand.

        • Michael E Picray / Oct 18 2011 12:15

          But you’re wrong. they know it’s going on, but what are they doing about it? You said they don’t “condone” it. The word condone means
          “Accept and allow (behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive) to continue.
          Approve or sanction (something), esp. with reluctance.”

          Condone is most certainly what they are doing.

          If you don’t agree, then tell me what they and the other billion are doing about the problem? Are they grabbing Ratziger, ripping the miter off of his head and tossing his ass down the steps into the waiting hands of the cops? Nope. They just quietly go to mass every Sunday (or whenever) and pay their assessments so the corruption can continue. And they don’t say ANYTHING lest they get excommunicated.

          It is the top-down absolute and unquestioned POWER of the RC Church hierarchy that makes the RC church a haven for this kind of thing. Once the bad guys get the top slots in the power structure, there isn’t a danged thing your average Catholic can do about it… and they (both your RC relatives and the pope) know that.

          This problem cannot be solved from within. I understand that the Whittenberg Door is still there, but where’s a Martin Luther when when really need one? They are doing just what Martin Luther’s co-priests were doing – keeping their mouths shut and permitting the evil to go on unchecked.

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