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October 20, 2011 / 74

Cain’s “9-9-9” Tax “Plan” Is In Trouble Already!

Well… that didn’t last long! Under fire for his sales tax plan, (see “A Question for Herman Cain – when is 9% not 9%?” ) Cain responds with nonsense.

According to the LA Times today;

The former Godfather’s Pizza executive told a couple hundred party faithful here that his opponents were trying to confuse and scare voters by making them think a federal sales tax would put a new burden on millions of Americans. Cain was especially dismissive of the idea that a federal sales tax would harm the poor.

“We’re not going to throw the people at the poverty level under the bus,” Cain told an audience at the Western Republican Leadership Conference. “No, we’re not going to do that. But we’ve already made provisions for that. But I just hadn’t told the public and my opponents about it yet. So we’re going to take care of those who are less economically advantaged.”

Cain offered no details on how he would spare the poor from the federal sales tax. He suggested his decision to keep the exemption secret until today was a calculated strategic move.

Okay… he planned this all along… but it was a SECRET!!!

Okay there, Secret Squirrel… tell us how you plan to apply/enforce a sales tax exemption on the poor. Will they have to present a copy of their tax returns? (Whadda ya mean you don’t file taxes?) Or is he going to issue them a “Get Out of Sales Tax Free” card? (More bureaucracy). A sales tax isn’t like the income tax, or capital gains. It’s a Point of Sale tax – which describes it pretty well (POS!). Or doesn’t Mr Cain “The Businessman” know what sales tax IS?

Come on – we’re waiting to see how you plan to do this impossible thing!

At first, I thought that he might be a possible candidate – but as time goes on and he opens his mouth more and more, I’m forced to change my mind. What an idiot!

Once a FED creature – ALWAYS a FED creature.



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  1. Harry Quinn / Oct 20 2011 12:27

    I am a bit confused, if there is no income tax and everyone is complaining about the fair share, why would the poor be exempt? They live here too, reap the same benefits as the rest of us, and most likely helped cause the budget mess we are in. If they want to pay less, buy less, if they want more and I for one hope they do, work for it like the rest of us. I don’t know about you but I found that paying for what I get feels better than handouts. Just a thought.

    • Michael E Picray / Oct 20 2011 12:55

      Cain’s original “plan” had three sections – 9% income tax, 9% “business” tax (corporate income tax), and 9% National Sales Tax.

      He initially said “NO EXEMPTIONS – EVERYBODY PAYS!”

      But then folks like me blasted him because the poor need to spend ALL of their income just to stay alive. So they’d be paying 9% Federal income tax and 9% Federal sales tax on every dime they make, for a total of 18% of their income just on Federal taxes (plus State & local taxes. – State sales taxes and local sales taxes and property taxes.)

      But those who make more than subsistence levels of income would pay 9% income tax… and since they don’t have to spend all of their income on just staying alive, they could NOT spend a portion of their income and thereby LOWER the amount of sales taxes they pay – as a percentage of their income.

      If you make $100,000, you’d pay $9,000 income tax, and if you spend 50,000, you’d end up paying only 4.5% in sales taxes. So the better off you are, (the more money you make) the LOWER your total percentage of taxes you’d have to pay… which is why it’s not an even playing field. The poor get slammed while the rich get off cheap.

      The 9% flat income tax is okay. No one is beefing about that. It’s the sales tax that’s bad. And now he is responding to that criticism and saying that he plans to let the poor pay less sales tax – and since sales tax is collected when you buy stuff – then the burden of collecting the tax or NOT collecting it falls on the merchant at the point-of-sale. It would be an impossible task for individual merchants to fairly collect, or not collect such a tax… which is what my new blog post was about.

      Well… that and the pure unadulterated BS that he had this planned all along and he was just waiting for the right time to put it out there… uh huh. Suuuuure he was.


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