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October 21, 2011 / 74

Not Voting – the Other Candidate

I’ve said that if I don’t like the presidential candidates, I’ll just stay home. Why would someone do that? Most folks would tell you that by doing so, a person who doesn’t vote loses the ability to help decide the future of the nation.

But that’s not exactly true. Let’s say that both candidates would be BAD for the nation – a match-up like, saaaay Obama and Romney.

If they are the only choices – you effectively have no choices. You can only choose which Socialist Left Winger you want to destroy the nation.You can attempt to choose the “lesser of two weasels” – but you’re still voting for a weasel.

But you have a choice. You can stay home and not vote. So why stay home on election day? Because you can vote against BOTH of them that way.

If only 10% of the population votes, it doesn’t matter if the “winner” gets 80% of the vote because that would only be 8 of 100 potential voters. By staying home and not voting, you deny the “winner” legitimacy. Can a “leader” claim to be the legitimate choice of the people if only 8 of 100 people actually want them? No.

If you “vote anyway” you lend legitimacy to the bad choices. If 80% of the eligible voters vote for one of two bad candidates, then the “winner” can claim that the people have spoken and chose THEM (and their program)! If you get 5 of 10 votes for 50% of the vote, and 80% of the people voted, although you’ve only got 40 of 100 potential voters – that’s a significant enough number to provide you with legitimacy. And you can claim that the people want you do do what you want to do.

So – the fewer people who vote, the less legitimacy the government has.

Why else do you think that in dictatorships the government REQUIRES the people to vote? Because it gives them the illusion of legitimacy.

So… this election if you don’t like any 0f the final choices – stay home.


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