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October 28, 2011 / 74

EMP and Faraday Cages

So… you’re sitting in your favorite chair watching the toob, or sleeping, or driving to the beach, and suddenly everything just stops working. The toob dies. You wake up to a dark room. Your car coasts to a stop right in the middle of the interstate (along with everyone else’s cars.)

Peop0le all over the place are whacking their TVs, trying to call the power company to report the outage, checking fuses and breakers, and getting out of their cars and wandering around on the pavement repeating what everyone else is asking – “What’s going ON?”

In my little story here, what’s going on is you’ve just been hit by an EMP – an ElectroMagnetic Pulse, and it fried all of your electronics by overloading them.

Your cell phone is dead.

Your car is dead.

There are no street lights because the sub-station transformers are dead.

If you could get ahold of your electric company, they’d tell you they don’t know what’s going on – because they don’t want you to panic – but they do. They’ll know EXACTLY what’s going on, but there won’t be anything they can do about it… at least for from three months to four or five years… depending on the source and power of the EMP.

EMPs can be generated by nuclear explosions. The biggest source of nuclear explosions is not the Chinese or the Russians or even the USA, although they could all be responsible for your problems. The MOST likely source of your EMP is – the Sun, the hugest source of nuclear explosions in our solar system.And just about anyone with even a passing interest in science, and some computerized war games players,  knows about EMPs.

But not a whole lot of them knows what to do about them – ie how to prevent damage from them.  The militaries of almost all nations know how to prevent damage from EMPs – and for a lot of their equipment, they have taken appropriate steps to protect it from EMP damage.

But what about you? Do YOU know how to prevent the death of your emergency generator? Your computers and radios? If you go to this link, you will, and it’s neither hard or expensive.
End of the world stuff? Not really ’cause if it was the end of the world, why would you need electronics? ;-D


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