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November 1, 2011 / 74

STILL gardening!

Yep – several freezing nights, and still picking some green beans and rooting around gleaning the rest of the dry beans. (The little buggers are hiding in the weeds.) I also picked a couple of strawberries from the newly planted (this fall) strawberry patch! The plants are going NUTSO!

And – a little surprise for all of us… remember the summer wheat that I mowed with the lawnmower as part of the Rabbit War? (Mowing is MUCH tidier than scorched earth!) and how I decided that there was no sense WASTING it and so I rototilled it in to improve the tilth of the ground?

It not only GREW back, it now has fully formed mature SEED HEADS on it!!! so as soon as it dries, I can still harvest some summer wheat – with NO weeds in it!!!

I’ve been weeding the strawberry rows, so the wheat isn’t a problem there. But I mulched between the rows and the wheat came up right through 6″ thick grass mulch.

Just when I thought I was close to being DONE with wheat! ;-D


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  1. Steve Picray / Nov 11 2011 17:15

    Wheat is bad for you. Just saying.

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