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November 26, 2011 / 74

Using FACEBOOK as a Comment Media

I was doing my usual thing out on the news sites, and followed a link to a story on the “American Family Association” site. A poster named David Henry Adams posted a comment about Christmas, and stated that “Santa Claus” was indeed a Christian character – “Saint Nicholas”. Then to a previous poster he said

“Research is your friend”

To which I was going to reply:

Just as there is no “Saint Valentine” connected to “Valentine’s Day” (research “Lupercalia”), there is no “Saint Nicholas” associated with the Pagan festivals that occur in late December except in popular myth. The late December celebrations are an amalgam of ancient roman festivals of Saturnalia and Bacchanalia (pre-dating “Christmas”) and Pagan festivals surrounding the winter solstice (celebrated centuries before “Christmas”.) If you research your Bible you’ll find that Jesus was possibly born in Spring – but definitely NOT in December as the shepherds would NOT be “in the fields” in December. The pagans also decorated trees with gifts and sweets as offerings to the various deities of nature.

And something that you might also find interesting – the “12 days of Christmas” were originally a Celebration of the Egyptian Goddess Isis where the people/adherents brought a 12 leaf palm into the house and tore a leaf off each day to ensure a good year. (Earliest known celebration around 2000 BC)

Yes indeed, David. Research CAN be a useful way to spend your time, if you can research your way past the lies put out by the Roman Catholic Church. I’d suggest you do some in depth research into the religion you profess to practice. (BTW – I am a Christian.)

But unfortunately I was unable to post the response because this site used only Facebook for such comments. Since I do NOT have a Facebook account, I could not comment. The site also uses “Flash” for some content – and since Flash is a security hazard I don’t allow my machine to have or use “Flash”.(downloading Flash is the equivalent of allowing unregulated .EXE files to download and open with no control on them at all.)

There are a lot of sites out there that do this – use only one venue to post comments – and if you are one of them, you should know that you limit the people who can participate in your discussions or read your content. For example – I will not be wasting my time going back to the American Family Association site.

Another aspect of having a blog is not allowing or incorporating any way BUT Facebook for contacting you – the blog owner. The above site has no email address, and no “contact us” information at all, so I and others cannot send them a polite message to inform them of their blocked channels of communication.

So – if you have a site make sure you have open lines of communication that do not depend on “social media” sites that many do not participate in.

The ultimate irony of this particular site is that they post a “privacy” policy. Ummm… people who have Facebook accounts do not HAVE any privacy.

And one more thing that I should have added – the “Christianization” of the December holidays was an attempt of the RC Church to “Christianize” the pagan festivals since their “Christian converts” refused to stop celebrating the pagan festivals. After all – they are FUN at a time of year when it’s getting dark and cold. As far as I know, Christianity is the only religion that doesn’t have a fun holiday around this time of year to cheer up the people.


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