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January 20, 2012 / 74

Broody Hen Pt II

The broody hen abandoned her nest yesterday, leaving 26 eggs behind. The 26 were accumulated in just two days – which certifies that the other hens were contributing to the clutch.

When I went up to the hen house last evening, she was sitting on a new nest. So I reached beneath her and found only one egg.

Looks like chickens are at least somewhat human in that most are more than willing to let someone else do the work… ;-D

While getting more firewood for the stove today, a pile of rye straw (w/grain heads attached) fell off the wood stack and was in the way. Since I had it to do anyway, I broke out the shredder and fed it, ending up with a large box plus of shredded chicken bedding. So the chickens get clean straw today.

I was surprised that the shredder started. The outside temp was around 15 F. The last time I ran it, I put stabilized gasoline in it so that probably helped. And it has a Briggs-Stratton engine on it with the shredder blades serving as a very heavy flywheel. So once you get the blades moving, they keep going for a short bit.


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