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February 23, 2012 / 74

Is It Still Winter?

Yeah… I looked at the calendar and it says it’s February. It feels more like Spring… especially this afternoon when the wind started blowing. We have sustained winds of around 25 to 30 mph, with gusts to 40 or 45 mph. I was working outside a bit without even wearing a sweatshirt.

There are dark clouds flying by overhead… and geese. The geese have been flying south all week. (We’re on the Missouri River Flyway.) I was watching them for a bit. They were flying just a bit across the wind and going like a bat out of Hades!!! It was kind of funny to watch them zipping by in formation!

Chickens still doing well. Had a “situation” a couple of nights ago. We heard an awful racket coming from the chicken shed, so I picked up my little .22 and headed up there with a flashlight. I didn’t see anything, and the birds settled down after I was there for a couple of minutes. Then I heard the sound of little paws on the tin roof and as I came out the door, I heard a “thump” on the ground – but I didn’t SEE anything.

The next morning I found some scat in the “hallway” that runs between the old barn and the chicken pens… (INSIDE the shed doors). It looked like either raccoon or possum… I’m guessing small raccoon. Whatever it was it hasn’t been back… it also left some blood on the floor just inside one of the chicken pens. I’m guessing it injured itself trying to chew through or force the chicken-wire-reinforced rabbit wire apart or something. That or the guineas or the rooster attacked it. (Fat chance! 😀 )

I’m currently working at clearing out some of the stuff in my office and removing a desk. Then I’ll put a 6′ table in and rig some grow lights and get the garden started. According to the charts, “last frost” around here is supposed to be around April 20th.

Which means it’s time to plant the tomatoes, the eggplant,  and peppers.

It might actually a bit late to be planting the brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, celery, leeks, artichokes and cauliflower – but we will start them anyway since we usually start them outside after first frost. So any head start we give them will be better than what we usually do. And as with anything we find that’s “recommended” it may require some adapting for your local conditions.

This is that time of year when you can’t wait to get the rototiller out, or to start setting out seeds… but trust me and wait.  🙂 there may yet be a blizzard or two out there laying in the weeds to ambush you! When I lived in Des Moines, IA, one year we had a blizzard on April 9th – got about two feet of snow and it shut down the city for about two or three days.

We’re hoping to be able to get a tractor this year, and there’s a farm auction in about a week that lists 60 acres of prairie grass seed… I really should stay away from farm auctions… they have waaaaay too much stuff there to tempt me with. But really… 60 acres of PRAIRIE GRASS seed? Gotta go to that one!


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