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March 11, 2012 / 74

It’s Planting Time!!!

Our no-frost date is April 20, and I’m behind with my planting already.

We’re trying something new this year. Instead of marshaling a few ga-zillion pots and shoveling the dirt into them, and planting them, we’re trying “soil blocks”

1/2" Soil Blocks

What you do is you buy a bunch of stuff, mix it together, add water, and POOF! you use the handy-dandy block maker and this is what you get. (Although they look like chocolate in the picture – they’re not. It’s just dirt so stop that salivating right now!) Notice that each little block has a dent in it. At the risk of sounding obvious, that’s where you put the seed.

Just add this stuff to your compost and some sand and dirt and you're in business!

This afternoon, with my wife’s “help” (SHE did the hard stuff), we got the “fixin’s” put together and did some trial and error stuff, and finally figured out how to make these dandy little blocks of blocks.

I already planted the broccoli, the cauliflower, artichokes, brussels sprouts, egg plants and asparagus. Tomorrow I’ll be planting more stuff and maybe making the next-size-up of blocks to plant larger seeds.

When the seeds sprout and the first “true leaf” appears, I will make larger blocks (with a larger block maker) and insert the small blocks into a hole that’s made in the bigger block with the block maker.  (That’s a lot of BLOCKS!) So since we got this stuff to get a head start on the growing season, guess what the weather is supposed to be next week… yep. Low to mid ’70’s.

Maybe the bugs will come early and starve to death?

We also got us a small greenhouse this year. It looks pretty good – leaning up against the living room wall in its green boxes… ;-D

And the chickens and guineas are free ranging their little hearts out. We snagged the first dog tick of the season a couple of days ago, so there’s plenty for the birds to eat out there.

Another little chore I did today was to run the lawn mower over the old strawberry bed. IN the rush to do other stuff last year, it was badly neglected – or should I say it was EXPERTLY neglected by one of the best neglectors in the business – me. The patch had some really fine and dandy three foot tall foxtail grass covering it last fall and since the berries were starting to leaf out this week, it was time to deal with that foxtail. Now it has foxtail stumps. I started a new strawberry patch up the hill last fall, and I want to move some of these old plants up there too – and my wife ordered a batch of new strawberry plants – so we’ll have at least three varieties of the little red sugar-bombs!

Oh yeah… I’m looking forward to this year… and wondering what will come along and eat the food I’m growing this time. ;-0


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