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March 15, 2012 / 74

It’s a CHICK!

No, no! DOWN feminists! It’s not chauvinism! It’s a baby chicken!

During the past couple of months or so we had a broody hen. Being pleased to have one, but it being kind of cold, we just “sacrificed” 3 eggs for her to sit.

Since other chickens will come and add to the egg pile under a broody hen, we took a pencil and marked the 3 eggs that were “hers”.  Then at daily egg gathering time, we’d scoop them all out and separate them into two groups. Hers we shoved back under her, and ours, which we took. (I talked to her while doing this. I’d say, THESE are yours, and THESE are mine!”)

(“And who will help me HATCH the eggs?”

“Not *I*,” said the big hen.

“Not *I*,” said the little hen.

“Not *US,* said all the guinea hens!

“Don’t look at ME!” said the rooster.

“Then I’ll just do it myself,” said the broody hen.
And she did.)

I went up to gather the eggs this evening, and scooped out a broken shell from beneath our broody hen.

Since the hen is extremely accommodating to egg gathering, (she raises up so you can see and rake out the eggs, then sits back down.) I could see the little yellow fluff ball back under mama’s wing.

Too bad it didn’t hatch yesterday. One of my grandaughters (from the city) was visiting and having an adventure gathering EGGS! – which she got to take home with her, INCLUDING the double yolked one! (I candled the egg with a small bright flashlight and showed her the two yolk shadows inside.) If it had happened yesterday she’d have had to leave the chick here… but it would have been cool anyway.

The guineas seem to be having a power struggle. One bunch wants to roost up the tall dead tree, and the others want to roost in the chicken house per usual. Yesterday only one was in with the chickens and the other 5 were up the dead tree. Tonight, there were two in the hen house and I don’t know where the other 4 are. Hope they show up in the morning!

Some of our broccoli and cauliflower seeded soil blocks are sprouting! And some of the ones sprouting haven’t even been planted yet!! :-0  (I’m weeding them with a pair of tweezers! ;-D)

Still planting carrots…

Tomorrow is go to the feed store to get chick starter and chick grit day, and if the stuff isn’t too expensive, pop over to the Airgas store & get some Oxy/Acetylene welding “supplies”. I have a few projects I want to do – if I get time. If not – well – winter’s coming! ;-D


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