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March 18, 2012 / 74

A Different Kind of Food Pantry

Ordinarily when we have “extra” eggs we take them to the Senior Center in the next town over, which is a branch of an area food pantry. When they don’t need them, we take them to the main place (“Second Harvest”) and donate them. Like last week we dropped off nine dozen large to extra large brown eggs from our free-ranging chickens at 2nd Harvest Food Pantry.

So today I went up to the chicken house to check on how the new chick and mom were doing and discovered that a branch of a local food distribution program was paying an unannounced call. When I went into the nesting area there were three hens just gawking and squawking at one of the bottom tier nests. When I got closer, I saw a fat black snake in the nest helping itself to one of the eggs. (I must admit that I had not posted a price on the eggs, so the snake could have reasonably assumed that they were free for the taking.)

So I went and got the Empress to come look, (since they were all her subjects) and she explained that, it being early spring, the snake had probably just awakened from its hibernation sleep and was looking for an “easy meal” to get the season started right. And it doesn’t get any easier than an egg. Look at it – eggs don’t run, they don’t fight, and they’re shaped just right to sliiiiide down a snake’s throat.

So we went away and let the snake have its egg. Even with the egg give-away, I still picked up 11 eggs today – and might yet pick up a couple more. And an awake snake may prefer to eat something warm and fuzzy (like mice) instead of eggs, so Mr/Ms snake? This one’s on us!

I guess the all You Can Swallow Egg Diner is open for business.

Hummm…. I wonder if I can deduct that lost egg from my taxes?


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