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April 3, 2012 / 74

Row Row Row Toe Tilling, tearing up the groooound…

Yep. The ground is finally dry enough to tear it up without making a moonscape of mudballs! We have a large-size rototiller and I was going to pull up the corn stalks, but the tiller is doing a FINE job of it! 🙂

Started plants in small blocks

The woodshed strawberry patch is off and growing and blooming, and the weeds are trying to make a race of it. The new strawberry patch is also trying to bloom, having wintered over 82 of 100 plants we set last fall. We have a thick bed of straw in that patch, so I don’t see too many weeds there.

The little chick is doing fine – following Mom around and sharing chick feed with mom. I popped the chick pen ramp open yesterday and today, and today mom scratched out a hole in the dirt, so the two of them are keeping nice and cool with access to young rye grass and weeds and probably a few bugs as well. The chick has learned to peck at food-looking bits and drink water, and as soon as he/she is feathered out, I’ll integrate her/him into the flock with mom along to keep the pecking order pecking to a minimum from the other birds.

THEN I’ll start the hatching machine – going to put about 20 or 30 eggs in, and hope for a 50% hatch. If the current hens are still laying at their present rate, then the entire hatch will become canned shredded chicken (with stock) and frozen whole friers/roasters. I’m getting 11 to 14 eggs per day from 18 hens. (The mom has stopped laying for now. I expect her to resume soon.)


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