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April 5, 2012 / 74


I got the main garden ready and raked into rows Tuesday, then worked my tush off yesterday. I got 13 – 50′ rows created (3 feet apart – drought spacing), and 3 – 50′ rows of “Spring stuff” planted – Oriental/Japanese Giant Spinach, mixed Rabbishes, Swiss chard, long white and purple bunching onions, 5 kinds of green beans (for canning), Romaine & leaf lettuce, and beets, plus a bunch of sunflowers (for seed snarfing). Lots still to plant.

The Empress on her tractor - see the crown? The blooming tree to the right is a Montmorency Cherry tree (aka pie cherries), and the one on the Left is a Jonathon apple tree.

Yesterday the tractor decided that it was too cold to work – so it didn’t start. I just got it a bit ago, so I haven’t learned its tricks yet. I know one thing – the guy I bought it from put a 12 volt marine battery in it instead of the factory spec 2 X 6V batteries = 12 V with more “ooomph”. The last diesel tractor I owned had the same problem – until I put a heavy duty 1000 CCA truck battery in it. Then it worked fine. If the big heavy duty battery still isn’t enough, I’ll get a second 12 V heavy and wire them in parallel! If a battery doesn’t have enough “kick” in it to get the job done, get out a bigger pair of boots! ;-D

Then last night it RAINED!!! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! We got 1.1″ of gentle soaking rain!!!

So today we noticed the Sweet Williams are blooming, the May Apples are opening and some are blooming, and the Nettles are up and growing – all of which means MUSHROOMS!!! MORELS!!! So I went out and stomped through a patch of our known-to-have-mushrooms woods, and found two – one was brand new still moist from boinging up from the fruiting body under ground! There will be more!

Woods Treasures

And I found a baggie of EXCLAMATION POINTS TOO!!! It doesn’t get much better than that.  ;-D

After thrashing through the woods for a couple of hours, I made the mistake of following a deer trail out of the woods – and picked up about 5 ticks. Ticks are easy to get rid of. You just take a small glass or jar and mix some dish soap and water in it, then drop the tick into the resulting liquid. The soap breaks the surface tension of the water and the tick sinks… and eventually drowns. I’ve found that ticks can be hard to “let go of” since they cling to your finger and try to run up your arm. I just pinch them really hard and then let them drop. (You can give fleas the soapy water treatment too.) Living with wild animals, teensy ones or large ones, is part of living in the country.

On a possibly sadder note – we may be losing our guineas. When I locked them up last night, there were only 5 of 6. I let 5 out this AM and early this afternoon I could only find 3 and they were being VERY quiet. So tonight or tomorrow I’ll know for sure that they are or aren’t gone. If we had a boy guinea, they could be off in the weeds setting eggs – but we don’t have a boy guinea. 😦


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  1. Michael E Picray / Apr 7 2012 09:34

    The guineas showed up last night… well… 5 of them. They are acting kind of strange. Maybe they want to form mating pairs – but there aren’t any boys to pair with? Dunno. The guinea book doesn’t say anything about the way they are currently behaving.

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