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April 19, 2012 / 74

Egg Progress

Out of 38 eggs placed in the incubator last week, after candling them with a bright flashlight, I determined that 6 of them are NOT developing at all, 3 or 4 are questionable (they may have started to develop and stopped for some reason), and the rest are progressing just fine.

So at this time there are at least 28 eggs that are progressing toward hatching.

BTW – the way I candle an egg for development is I take a REALLY BRIGHT little LED flashlight, hold the egg in one hand forming a circle around it with my forefinger and thumb so there is a “seal” around the circumference of the side of the egg, then put the flashlight right up against the bottom side of the egg. This directs the flashlight beam into the egg and if there is a large dark shadow, you have development. (At a week the egg is about 2/3 dark – ie you can’t see anything but shadow through 2/3 of the shell.) When my grand daughter found a really large egg, I candled it for her and could show her that there were TWO yolks in the shell (aka “a double”). I assume she got to eat them both the next day.  🙂

The infertile eggs will have a smaller shadow where the yolk is, but most of the egg will be lit up.

So the dogs get some treats tomorrow. 😀

I was just looking at some candling pictures online – and either I have 28 eggs developing, or I have 28 eggs that were fertile and are now dead due to incubation problems. (The temp has decided to vary, and has exceeded the “set” temp a few times by several degrees, and has been cooler a few times.)

We’ll just have to wait and see!



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