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April 19, 2012 / 74

US Economy Sliding Downhill, Faster and Faster!

Well… I understand that it happened once before, but I don’t remember it. And now, for the first time in MY memory, the US Dollar is worth LESS than the Canadian Dollar.

As of a few minutes ago, the official rate of exchange is
1 USD = .98976 CAD.
Or flip the conversion around and you get:
1 CAD = 1.01012 USD

Wow! I remember when Canadian coins were just tossed away because the CAD was worth so much less than the USD (like 1 CAD was worth around .70 USD). And the days of people trying to spend Canadian coins in the US are over too because they are now worth more than US coins.

The next time Bungling Ben Bernanke or Tax Cheat Timmy try to tell you that inflation is low to non-existent, offer to swap him a US dollar for a Canadian Dollar. Better yet, offer to swap him several thousand of them!

Under the mis-administrations of the last 7 years, the US has been in a hard decline, and I begin to despair that the people in Washington DC have the brains or the will to reverse it.

BTW – you all do realize that this election isn’t about electing a President, don’t you? It’s about electing a Congress that 1. knows its job, & 2. is willing to DO that job. I see no indication of either condition being in place for the last 7 years, and if “We the People” do what we usually do, which is to vote for the person who’s already in Congress, sitting on their fat duffs doing nothing, you can be assured that as at present, we will get the government that we deserve – and you will NOT like it.


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