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April 20, 2012 / 74

We haz Joined da Flock!

Yep. Little chick is all feathered out… well… not adult feathers, but he’s fully covered anyway, and he’s about 6 to 8 inches tall so he can get to the feeders. So… today I figured out that it was time he joined the flock. I arranged the gates and doors so mama would wander out of the pen, then closed it up with Jr inside. then at bed time, I closed the big chickens in, and then captured Jr by dint of just picking him up from the top rail of the chick pen roost, and moving him to the main pen.

There was some “What the snot are YOU?” checking out by the other hens, and the rooster was getting kinda too interested for his own good and a couple of hens kinda bumped him away. He’s pretty smart for a rooster! He apparently decided to completely lose interest in the chick and went back to his roosting spot.

And wouldn’t you know… I start the garden because allll the long range forecasts indicate that, yes sireee Bob, it’s SUMMER!

Frost Pots - any old empty flower pot will do.

We’re supposed to maybe get frosty tonight, and maybe tomorrow night. I sure wish they’d told me that the LAST time it frosted a couple of weeks ago! I lost tomato plants, and a few other plants, and all of my marigolds. 😦  (I have more marigolds.) Since it frosted when they didn’t say it would, I’m hoping that it won’t frost now when they say it might.


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