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April 25, 2012 / 74

Incubator Problems

I bought a “Still Air” incubator brand name “Little Giant”. One of the instructions cautions that you keep the ambient air where the incubator is established at a constant temperature. I now know why.

The last incubator I bought had very thick styrofoam, and a good seal around the joint of top and bottom. We could run that puppy in the winter, in the summer, or anytime in between and it would maintain a constant temperature.

This POS will not do that. If the night time temp drops, the internal temp drops as the heater will NOT keep the internal temp up. If the day time temp rises, it gets HOT inside. And the temp control is VERY sensitive!!!

The temp is supposed to be maintained at 99.5F. When I checked it last evening, the temp was at 96F. When I checked it just now, the temp was at 103F.

If I could maintain the degree of room temp control that this POS apparently requires, I wouldn’t NEED an incubator!!! I could just put the eggs on an egg turner and set it on a table, then run a heater in the room!

I’m still hoping for a good hatch, but I”m no longer counting on it.

Next try, I’ll put this prima-donna “equipment” in the basement with an insulated box over it. Maybe that will help it to do its job?

Or I’ll just buy a good incubator. I will NOT buy another “Little Giant” product!


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