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May 1, 2012 / 74

Jennies & Chickens


Saturday we went to a draft horse & mule auction. Baumli’s semi-annual sale in Maryville, MO is usually a great place to pick up trained horse & mule teams, foals, jennies & jacks, and even riding stock like registered and grade saddle horses… if it’s a draft critter, you’ll probably find it there.

So… the sale bill included a 14 year old jenny with a jenny colt at side. The jenny colt was what we were interested in. Last year the little donkeys were going for about $25. Since we plan to buy some Boer goats (meat goats) we (Em) figured that we should get a donkey to protect them from the coyotes and dogs and such.

The 14 year old was rather large, and the “colt” was looking like a candidate for making Mammoth Mules and each of them sold for about $600+, which was waaaay above our price range! But since we haven’t got the goats yet, it’s no big deal.

The last several times we went to a Baumli sale, there were lots of really well trained teams… but not this time. There were a few teams that were decently trained, and some that were just barely sorta trained, and quite a few “teams” that were just two horses hitched together. And the prices offered for them seemed to reflect the lack of value in the training… but then what do *I* know? :-/

So after spending allll day at the sale barn and seeing waaaay too many riding mules (apparently a trail riding business went out of business?) and NO young jennies, we came home and collapsed.

Sunday dawned bright and cloudy – or something. I presume the Sun came up but couldn’t swear to it as I didn’t see the dawn ’cause I was sleeping. 🙂

The eggs were supposed to start hatching Sunday night. They didn’t. With an incubator temperature variation of up to 5 F, NONE of the eggs gathered the first day hatched on schedule, and NONE of the eggs gathered the morning of the second day hatched on schedule. Yesterday, Monday, we finally got a “pip” in a “2a” egg – which was gathered the evening of day two. It took it a whole day to actually hatch out, and it is now up in the chick area under the heat light. (Not that it NEEDS a heat lamp during the day as it’s quite warm up there today.) Then after I removed the chick and egg from the incubator, a second 2a egg pipped. It hatched-out this afternoon. Since the second egg hatched, a #1 and a #3 pipped and will probably hatch out tonight or tomorrow AM. It’s just kinda dribbling little chickens out… one by one.

And sometime in the last week… I noticed a deep bruise on my second toe – and a couple of days later it started to hurt. Given the swelling and such, I’ve figured out that I either jammed it or broke it. Owww… So the boots are temporarily in retirement, and the old running shoes are back on duty. (OW some more!!) And here I thought I was just working too hard and spending too much time on my feet. :-/

Oh… and I’ve been told that if you do something like dribble honey into your keyboard, you can just hose it off… that’s true as far as it goes. When you’re done it will be as clean as it was the day you got it… and random keys will stick… just get a new keyboard and stop eating honey at the keyboard!

Got my first strawberries from the Hilltop patch. They’re kinda largish and YUMMY!!!

Hoping it doesn’t rain tonight so I can rake the E garden and get started planting stuff in it.


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