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May 2, 2012 / 74

A Bit of Economic History That’s About to Repeat Itself

And it appears that this nasty stuff is not going to be limited to just one nation, or even one continent.

It is said that those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it. Given the US economy and government’s actions over the last 40 years, it appears that the US is now well advanced on the slipery slope of economic death by hyper-inflation… and the FED is pouring oil on the slide.
Here is an EXCELLENT exposition of the history of the pre and post WW I German financial disaster that led directly to the third Reich. The article is quite lengthy, but worth the time as the series of events explained here are currently in progress in the USA as well as in many other economies around the world such as in China and Europe. It also tells us what the people did to fight the loss of wealth in the middle of the disaster.
When you are finished reading this, you may want to look at current economic indicators and charts. (ROTFLMBO!! Uh huh. Sure you will…). In the unlikely event that you do, here is a web site that will provide you with a real-world alternative to the fairy tale numbers that the liars at the FED are putting out.
Defend your economic health and future with knowledege.

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  1. regretsyregretsy / May 2 2012 09:18

    Failure is dangerous, I don’t think many think this way (but they should!)

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