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May 4, 2012 / 74

All In A Day On the Farm – SNAKES!!!

WARNING – possibly objectionable photos and subject matter involving snakes and dead mouses and such.

Playing catch-up here… the eggs stopped hatching day before yesterday, and none hatched yesterday. I still have the incubator running Just In Case!

We hatched 15 out of the 38 eggs we collected. The three eggs that I candled and didn’t think would hatch – didn’t. So that was 9 of the 38 were rejected at the one week candling. So 15 is just a bit over 50% of the approved eggs. BAD numbers!

So anyway, I carted them all up to the chick version of near Heaven, or Hell. Heat lamp, food, water, grit (the last 3 for whenever they get the notion to eat), scads of mice, and as of today, snakes.

So… the mice were a potential problem for day old chicks that can barely move around. So… I got out a bunch of mouse traps and smeared the standard bait, peanut butter, on the bait platform. I set 10 traps up on the concrete block wall ledge the first night and caught 6 mice, but all the traps were tripped. I tossed the bodies out the door onto the compost pile. Then I reset the traps last night.

I was a little slow getting up the hill today, and it’s perhaps good that I did. when I got up there I found this:

Hi! We’re the Snakey Twins! We’d be the snaky triplets but our brother took one look at the big ugly guy behind the camera and decided to just grab a burger, somewhere else.

Is it lunch time already? Come on! Mother said SHARE!

“Are you enjoying your meal, BROTHER?”

Excuse me, but I think you dropped your napkin…

Gosh, we really hate to not eat and run, but we just remembered we have hair appointments, and you KNOW how those hairy people get when you’re late! Gotta RUN!!! No, wait. Can’t do that… well… Bye!

I was missing one chick, and had one dead chick body.

And then there were 13.


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