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May 11, 2012 / 74

Of Ants and Aphids & Chicks

Today I remembered something. When you get to my age, that can be an accomplishment. What I remembered was how to make the ants and aphids go away from your garden… and a lot of other bugs too. It’s actually pretty simple.

You get a spray bottle, and put a bit of some good Hot Sauce in it. (I used about a quarter inch in the bottom of the bottle of McILHENNY’s (original flavor) Tabasco pepper sauce). Then I filled the bottle up with distilled water. I use distilled water to avoid possible effects from the chemicals and such that are found in modern water, and such as may be found in ground water. Then I mix it up and spray on the plants.

When I started to spray the sun flowers and the beets, I saw some large red ants on the plants. I didn’t know ants could run that fast! They were dropping off the plants and heading for the nearest grass. I even sprayed the spinach and the cabbage and lettuce and Swiss Chard. Just rinse the pepper sauce off before you eat it and it’s good as new! (You’ll want to rinse off the fresh veggies before you eat them anyway.)

I have no doubt that the ants abandoned sizable herds of aphids when they fled. So my plants are safe from bug predation until the next rain.

The chicks are doing well… I still have 13 of them. There are 12 normal chicks and then there’s “Hop-a-long”. Hopalong is one of the chicks that was injured by the egg turner. He gets around okay so his destiny as a meat bird is safe – he just won’t make a good fryer, so I suppose you could say that his career options are somewhat limited. :-/ (assuming of course that “he” is not a “she” in which case HER career options would be limited.)

Trying to replant beans today – and maybe plant/replant some other stuff. Gotta hit the trail!



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